Membership is limited to one person of each profession. Crossovers in services provided by the members are to be limited as much as possible. Flexibility in this is granted through the ability of each member to veto or support a potential candidate before they join. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly and courteous manner. Any motion to remove a person from membership due to unwanted conduct may be brought forth to one of the three officers who can then call for a vote from the remaining members.

Fees & Duration

$75 to join
$50 per year thereafter

Member responsibilities

Members are expected to give and receive referrals to and from other members. Referrals are tracked. If a member is not giving out referrals it is up to the group to determine the reasons. No one should be expelled strictly for lack of referrals; however this is a networking and referral group. A member can be considered for expulsion for reason of refusal to participate or failure to follow group suggestions on how to rectify any discrepancies.

Members are also expected to help maintain the size and growth of the group by inviting and assisting in the retention of other members.

Attendance Policy

In order to be able to receive referrals from fellow members they must know what it is you do, how you do it, and for whom. This is not easily imparted to people in forty-five seconds. It is therefore imperative to your experience of CBC to be in attendance at every possible meeting. Attendance is required and if for some reason a person cannot make it on time or to a meeting they must notify the group through e-mail or other communication.

After a person has not been to a meeting for a period of four weeks and there have been no attempts made by that person to notify the group, the person will qualify themselves for expulsion and a new member of that profession will be sought.

We ask that you commit to a minimum of two weeks every month. If someone is continuously unable to make this commitment a replacement member will be sought and a vote-out will be requested.

New Members

Potential members will be allowed two visitations before they must decide whether the group is right for them. An application and our charter should be given to them before or immediately after their second meeting.

1. Candidate should request consideration for membership.
2. Any potential conflicts or duplication of services will be brought to all affected members.
3. Depending on the Candidate’s profession and circumstances the officers may decide to bring them on or call for a vote amongst the members.
4. Call for the vote through a regular meeting or by the officers.

Expelling Members

Members may be removed by the process of bringing possible expulsion and reasoning behind it, first to a presiding officer. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the discrepancy the officers may ask the member not to return or bring it up to a group vote. The group will ultimately decide whether someone is fit to be a member or not.


CBC collects membership dues for the fulfillment of special events and purposes. There are certain ongoing expenses such as taxes and forms that must be filed. We also reserve funds to cover expenses associated with special events, advertising and otherwise. Membership funds should not be used to pay for regular meetings or lunches.

It is the responsibility of the three corporate officers to maintain, manage and monitor CBC funds. All members should be provided with a current snapshot of our financial situation on request. Officers should report ongoing and one-time expenses, as well as current funds on a regular basis.

Upon dissolution of the corporation any remaining funds will go to local Catonsville charities.