12:00. Arrival, get lunch, eat, mingle and welcome guests.
12:15: Meeting formally begins (though eating may not have ended). 45-second introductions
12:25: Ten-minute presenter
12:35: Orders of Business (events, membership votes, treasurer & referral report, etc)
12:45: Opportunities, events, news and other points of interest
12:50: Referrals
1:00: Formal meeting closed, open networking.

45 Second Introduction
During each meeting every member is expected to give a 45 second speech describing the ideal client they would like to receive in the form of a referral.

Ten-Minute Presentation
On a rotating basis, one member is expected to give a ten minute presentation on their business and the types of people they cater to. Every member is expected to do this. Speakers are rotated on a weekly basis, tracked by the secretary.